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Difficult Happens; Effective Communication for Bosses

Nov 2, 2021

“Uncertainty creates fear, fear create anger” -- Lara Currie

Out of control Karen’s are the poster people for the rise in bad behavior.

Uncertainty causes fear, and fear causes anger. All too often that anger is vented in the wrong venue. Customers rage at service workers, policies trigger push back, and those who...

Oct 26, 2021

We spend a lot of time with the people we work with. Whether in person or online friendships form, and leadership often tries to encourage a sense of camaraderie with staff.

Without knowing it, this can create strife between coworkers without meaning to.

When does camaraderie become toxic? With a nod to systems theory,...

Oct 19, 2021

Do you ever wonder how a workplace turns toxic?

It doesn’t happen all at once, and it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Like a pot that slowly boils there are a lot of steps along the way where you can stop the chain reaction of events before the workplace turns toxic.

When blame, exaggeration, and generalizations are...

Oct 12, 2021

On top of everything else that you have had to deal with this past year, now loneliness is on the rise, and the impact of loneliness on you and the work you do is impactful.

Douglas Nemecek, MD, chief medical officer for behavioral health at Cigna says that the impact of loneliness on your health is equivalent to...

Oct 5, 2021

Our best self makes all the plans but she doesn't always show up to implement them

The world is full of information, a plethora of knowledge is just a Bing search away, psych, we all use google. Yet with all this information at our fingertips, we can know a thing, understand it, but when it comes to implementing, it’s...